Realize maximum revenue from your outstanding aging payer A/R using AI and machine learning 

Visit us at the Delta States Chapter of the RBMA Annual Meeting from February 19-21, 2020                               in Biloxi, Mississippi. Learn about our new A/R Optimization Solution, specifically for radiology groups, using artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning capabilities to optimize your A/R recovery and significantly decrease costly write-offs. 

Schedule a demo and see how our solution can help you collect more revenue by increasing collections, reducing your aging A/R, and cost to collect.

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About Infinx Healthcare

Infinx provides innovative and scalable patient access and RCM solutions for healthcare providers, hospitals, imaging centers, orthopedic and cardiology practices, and laboratories. We provide you with complete coverage of your prior authorization claims with 98% accuracy, and 99.5% adherence to turnaround time. Your organization can now see more patients resulting in increased revenue, fewer procedure cancellations, happier staff, and improved patient experience.


Contact us to schedule a demo at Delta States Chapter of RBMA!

You need both technology and expertise to realize more revenue.

Our cloud-based Prior Authorization Software is driven by AI and automation, with exception handling by our certified prior authorization specialists, providing you with complete coverage of your claims, reducing staff time and claim denials.

  • One single platform that provides accurate, timely, and real-time data getting you faster approvals
  • Automate and streamline manual and repetitive tasks using AI to accelerate your entire workflow
  • Obtain full transparency into your prior authorization workflow using detailed and robust analytics and reporting

Our newest A/R Optimization Solution for radiology groups provides real-time analytics, predictive recovery insights and performs intelligence prioritization of outstanding charges to significantly improve recovery over manual efforts.

  • Analyze denials to expedite recovery focus
  • Predict recoverability prioritizing workforce efforts
  • Realize maximum revenue from outstanding aging payer A/R