Meet our Pharmacy Specialists at 

MHA Business Summit Booth #109 in 

Las Vegas from March 29th-31st, 2017

We can help you with


We complete intake admission paperwork, insurance eligibility and preauthorizations at half the cost of in-house teams

Mail Order Prescription Processing

We integrate all new mail orders, refills, prior authorizations and billing on leading platforms


Shorten billing-to-cash cycles, improve cash flow and overall RCM yield with our pharmacy billing management services

Order Entry

Our experienced specialists are proficient in entering all types of long-term care pharmacy orders

Our results speak for themselves

As the virtual extension of management operations for more than 20 of the most efficient pharmacies in the United States, our specialists and automated workflow solutions have combined to help our clients achieve impactful and quantifiable benefits.



TAT of < 45 min

Leverage the knowledge of our pharmacy experts

Benefit from our extensive experience

Reserve a time to meet us at MHA Business Summit  

Learn how we can help you scale your pharmacy operations. 

billing accuracy    

refills processed monthly

on new prescriptions


More than 10 years of experience focusing on long-term care and mail order pharmacies
Skilled in more than 300 pharmacy information systems 
U.S. based account managers with many years of LTC experience
U.S. staff available to supplement oversees team
Proven record of helping pharmacies reduce prescription turnaround times
More than 300,000 prescription refills processed monthly
Pharmacy management staff available 24x7 
Scalable capacities for new customer ramp-up through live operations

Make an Appointment

Make an Appointment

Every new LTC customer brings sizable growing pains. Avoid the stress of in getting new facilities entered into your system. Let Infinx help lighten the load.

Come by our booth to see a demo of our new client pharmacy portal. Avoid sifting through hundreds of emails by easily accessing all vital information at your fingertips.

Log in to our one-stop dashboard interface to stay on top of all LTC pharmacy operations in real time, such as:

Process protocols
Operator schedules
Feedback tracking 
All HIPAA-related documentation

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Check out our new pharmacy portal

About Us

Infinx provides advanced revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for healthcare practices. Combining innovative cloud-based platforms with our expert team of certified medical coders and billing specialists, we optimize revenue and cash flow, enabling clients to shift focus from administrative details to billable patient care.

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